Genetic testing

“It’s much more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has”- Hippocrates

Introduction to DNA testing

The age of personalised medicine has arrived! We’ve all known that we are all different and there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to our health, but only recently have we been able to address an individual’s health needs according to their unique genetic profile.

Through scientific achievements such as the Human Genome Project and the International HapMap project and GWAAs, we have been able to study the inter-relationships of gene variations, environmental factors and dietary factors and their influence on health outcomes.

What is the relationship between nutritional medicine and DNA testing?

 Nutrigenomics or nutritional genomics, is the broad term used to describe the relationship between your environment, your genes and your dietary nutrients, and how they influence your gene expression and ultimately your health outcomes.

Genes are the blueprints for proteins in the body. These proteins do much more than build muscle, and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs and cellular functions. Nutrigenomic testing aims to identify gene variations that influence protein function and/or health outcomes. Genes that have a function which can be supported or modified by nutrient intake or lifestyle factors are tested so that specific treatment advice can be offered.

What does it test?

The test focuses on key areas of health management, including mood, detoxification, methylation, hormones, and fertility. By adhering to rigorous scientific standards, only those gene variants where a strong gene/environment/nutritional association has been repeatedly shown are included.

These include various genes that code for enzymes, transporters and receptors that influence hormone and vitamin absorption, transportation and utilisation.

Who can benefit from genetic testing?

  • People who are wanting a deeper understanding of the genes they have inherited
  • Those who are looking for ways to prevent heath conditions
  • Those looking to improve overall health and wellbeing
  • People wanting to improve their response to stress or exercise
  • Preconception and fertility factors for men and women
  • Children and adolescents with sensitivities
  • Children, adolescents and adults with mood dysregulation or mental health conditions
  • Adults and the elderly with chronic health conditions

Your unique DNA test will reveal how individual genetic factors are influencing your;

  • Detoxification of chemicals and toxins
  • Energy levels and fatigue
  • Mood and mental health
  • Fertility
  • Antioxidant effectiveness
  • Hormone production and function
  • Blood pressure and vascular health
  • Thyroid hormone production
  • Vitamin metabolism, absorption, and transport

How much does it cost and what is included?

The total cost is $500. This includes;

  • The complete Clinical Services myDNA™ kit
  • A 30min consultation prior to you test to discuss your key health concerns and what your health goals are.
  • A 45min follow up consultation with dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on your genetic profile, with a key focus on your health goals. You will also receive a copy of your test results.

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